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CNC Laser Cutting

The business boasts high powered laser cutting equipment enabling us to offer 24 hour cutting facility – high speed and intricate detail being key features of this process. This CNC controlled equipment cuts mild steel up to 20mm thick; stainless steel up to 15mm and 10mm thick aluminum. We also offer a sub-contract cutting service throughout the UK – competitive charge-out rates and fast turnaround, makes us an attractive option.

Benefits of laser cutting include

  • Speed
  • No tooling costs
  • Close working tolerances
  • Intricate detail cutting
  • Burr free edges
  • High quality
CNC Punch Pressing and Folding

Our CNC controlled punch press offers cost effective repeat production. The simplicity of tool changing means small batches can also be produced with the minimum of effort. We have a vast stock of tools making our punching facility a highly acceptable and cost effective cutting resource suitable for many applications.

Our folding plant are all CNC controlled and offer a maximum fold width of 3m wide*130 Tonne, 5-Axis. Therefore our business is able to offer accurate, high quality folding with the flexibility to support optimum productivity. The latest technology machines remove the labor intensive set-up costs and with all our machines being CNC controlled, repeatability happens without question. JK design holds a wide library of tooling including standard 90 dies along with specialist Dutch folding, joggle tools and radius forming

Fabrication and Finishing

Supplying a wide range of industrial markets means that the Company has to fulfill an assortment of fabricating requirements and the business is fully equipped to service those needs.

We offer a full range of welding services including TIG & MIG welding of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and nickel alloys of varying thicknesses. Our welding staff hold certificates to BS EN 287 BS EN 120 156141-2004 and are fully qualified  to provide seam welding , tack welds, flange welds, groove welding and surface welding. Many of the products produced by JK Design have a high aesthetic value and therefore the best quality of welding and polishing is paramount.

The company also assembles modules using market leading bonding agents giving a cleaner finish in a faster time. For simpler, lighter applications spot welding is widely used to join two metal surfaces via electric currents offering a fast and economic method of welding.

JK Design has comprehensive facility for Pem studding and stud welding, applicable to all substrates. Our production machines are able to rapidly affix a huge spectrum of studs, bushes, standoffs and plungers. Our additional plant facilities include tapping, drilling, riveting, cropping, guillotining and straightening.

We offer a wide range of finishes to protect all base metals – if you’re not sure , we can offer  advice on the finish best suited to your purpose.

Powder coating is the application by electrostatic spray of a coloured powder to a variety of substrates, which when cured flows to the form an attractive durable finish. The powder can be applied to give smooth or textured finish and is extremely hard-wearing. The company offers a wide range of colours and finishes.

Using our industry knowledge and expertise we have formed strong working relationship with a number of key supply partners. These local businesses support us daily in fulfilling our requirements for chroming and electroplating to the highest standards of quality.

With experience in steel cabinet and enclosure manufacture, JK Design has the resource and the skills to offer an assembly service to all its customers.  With an area set aside from our manufacturing plant business offers a flexible, cost effective facility to customers without those immediate resources. Assemblies are then packaged and can be shipped directly to end-user if required.

Each and every one of us is “only as good as your last job” and so we strive to produce the best every time. This is underpinned by our structured manufacturing system and process control and further strengthened by our excellent relationship with our supply chain. We adhere strictly to ISO 1991 standards resulting in consistent output to the highest standards.


Shipping throughout the United Kingdom, mainland Europe and the U.S., we use our own transport or source competitive and reliable expert hauliers to ensure we deliver.


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